2ND SUN × Oceanvs Orientalis [Live]
Beirut Matn Mount Lebanon Governorate
Dec 14 - Dec 15
Reunion: Juli N More /2Third
Beirut Matn Mount Lebanon Governorate
Dec 14 - Dec 15
Projekt at The Notch
Faqra Kesrouane Mount Lebanon Governorate
From 02:00 pm to 10:55 pm
Projekt takes over The Notch for EarthLife's afterparty with a special international guest, Willy, Jason Kaakoush, Audiokult' & a handpicked local guest behind the decks.
HNGR presents Erly Tepshi
Daoura Matn Mount Lebanon Governorate
Dec 19 - Dec 20
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Repeat pres.Rawax & Pleasure Zone (showcase)
Sea Side Rd Batroun North Governorate
Dec 28 - Dec 29
Electronic dance music has always been a playground for old patterns in new forms, repetitive rhythms with various shifting musical layers. And there’s no easy scientific answer to explain its beauty, but there are ways we can appreciate it more fully; RAWAX meets PLEASURE ZONE (SHOWCASE) for a perfect session of high-quality dance music on Saturday 19.Oct. at HEIM4
2ND SUN × NYE: Adriatique [All Night Long]
Beirut Beirut Beirut Governorate
Dec 31 - Jan 1
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The Ballroom Blitz: NYE 2020 Get-together
Beirut Matn Jabal Lubnan
Dec 31 - Jan 1
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Ditch the glam and glitz for another NYE get-together at The Ballroom Blitz!